When is the best time to visit Sri Lanka?  

Sri Lanka can be visited year-round, as country and climate are influenced by two opposing monsoons in different areas.

Southwest monsoon (“Yala”): Mid-May to late September, with heavy rainfall, the East and Northeast remain dry.

Northeast monsoon (“Maha”): October to mid-April, with moderate rainfall, the South and West remain dry.

Therefore, the best time to visit depends on the region you plan to stay in.

Best time to visit the East: April to September/October


Best time to visit the South and West: November/December to April


Best time to visit the North: due to consistently warm temperatures and moderate precipitation, year-round, except for November and December.


Best time to visit the highlands: January to March


Best time for a trip around the entire island: Transition months between rainy and dry season

Sri Lanka can be hit by tropical cyclones. The most active months are usually May and October/November.

What is the climate like in Sri Lanka?

  • Tropical monsoon climate
  • High temperatures that barely vary
  • Northeast drier than the humid Southwest
  • Highest temperatures from March to June
  • Coolest months from November to January

Coastal lowlands: average temperature during the day between 28 and 31°C, at night rarely below 25 °C, high humidity of 70 – 90 %.

Highlands/mountainous regions: average temperature during the day between 20 and 24°C, over 2,000 m only between 12 and 16°C.

Significantly lower humidity than in the lowlands.


Which factors determine the climate in Sri Lanka?

  • Proximity to the equator
  • Mountains inland
  • Annual change of the main wind directions and the monsoon associated with it


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